Business Coaching

As an experienced Business Coach, I will provide you with the support, encouragement, and resources necessary for you to:

  • Get and remain very clear about the ongoing and unfolding vision and mission of your company
  • Make periodic evaluations of the departments for which you have responsibility and understand and address their ever-changing needs
  • Develop and nurture key people and motivating systems that will insure success
  • Develop a plan that will enable you to lead and motivate your key people to accomplish the mission
  • Establish the personal reserves necessary to give you the wisdom you need to lead
  • Continue to develop and express your creativity
  • Establish and maintain balance in all areas of your life


As a Chief Executive Officer, the buck stops with you. The company relies on you, your vision, and your leadership to be successful. It is your job to see the big picture and then to point the way that will lead to success. It's also your job to still maintain a healthy, balanced, and happy life, and to serve as example to those you lead to do the same. It can all be rather overwhelming. Or, it can be very rewarding!


As a manager, your job is to provide oversight and management of your particular department in ways that insure that your department addresses and contributes to the accomplishment of the overall vision and mission of the company. It falls to you to hire the right people, provide proper training, direction, and leadership, and to insure that they are sufficiently motivated to be their best. It is your job to make sure that the department runs smoothly and that your people are given all that they need to be successful.

As a Key Employee, you are the one who gets the job done in ways that accomplish the vision and mission of the company. You will use all your expertise, skills, and experience to excel  at your particular job and insure the success of the company.

Key Employee

As an Executive, who generally reposts directly to the Chief Executive Officer, it is your job to provide focused oversight of  your various departments, and to provide clear leadership and direction for the managers who run those departments. It is your responsibility  to make sure that the vision and mission of the company gets clearly communicated to your managers in ways which insure that their work produces the expected results. It is also your responsibility to make sure that your managers are provided the necessary incentives to be successful with their respective departments.


As the name implies, you are responsible for the sound and focused leadership of your designated team. You are to make sure each person on your team has the training and resources necessary to do the job assigned to them, and that their efforts always are directed toward the accomplishment of the vision and  mission of the company. Since you usually have direct and daily contact with your people, you can see and evaluate their performance, and continue to provide sufficient incentives and motivation that will insure that they perform at the peak of their capabilities.

Team Leader