Creatives (Especially Artists, Writers, Musicians, Designers)

As a creative type myself, who expresses my creativity through my Coaching and as a writer and musician, I understand the unique creative character of other artists, writers, musicians, and designers. We have unique needs such as honor for our creative gifts, a strong drive to express our creativity, support from others, freedom to express our gifts, adequate reserves to sustain us as we explore our creativity, people who can help us with the business aspects of our creativity, encouragement to focus on those gifts that will best serve us, and much encouragement as we continue to develop and express our creativity.

As your Coach, I will help you:

  • Focus on the particular creative gifts that will serve you best
  • Encourage you to develop those gifts to the maximum
  • Help you identify a supportive community    
  • Show you how to create the reserves necessary to sustain you
  • Support and encourage your efforts
  • Provide resources to strengthen the business side of your creativity
  • Help you take the steps necessary to be a success


Within three months, you can have a clear vision of your creative gifts and how you want to express them.

Within six months, you can have a plan in place as to how you will express your gifts, and begin building your reserves, your business plan, and the strong community to support your creativity.

Within a year, you can be expressing your gifts in ways that bring you joy, satisfaction, and success!