A Little Bit About Me

I grew up on a small farm just outside the city limits of Memphis, Tennessee, which instilled in me a love for nature, animals, trees, the earth, good pork barbeque, the rhythm and blues of Beale Street, southern hospitality, and regular Elvis sightings.

I've had various careers in my life, ranging from managing a purebred Hereford ranch, to selling heavy industrial  equipment for John Deere Company, to being a United Methodist Minister, to being a licensed marriage and family therapist, to serving as Executive Director of The Southwest Career Development Center. 

I'm now a Master Certified Coach, writer, published author, teacher, and Director of The Center for Personal and Spiritual Growth, Inc. I am a proud parent of two precious and successful children, Amy, an attorney, and Jason, a musician. I enjoy reading good books, especially novels, teaching and coaching, and writing , especially poetry, country/western/blues songs, politically incorrect commentaries, and spiritual growth books. My first published book is entitled Divine Guidance: The Secret Way to an Abundant Life.  Also, I enjoy mountain walks, sitting by cool streams, stimulating conversation, good friends, and the surprise of God's grace! 

In 1996, I moved from Dallas, Texas, where I had lived for 22 years, to a beautiful mountain village in southwestern Colorado, to be more immersed in the wonder of God's creation, and to enjoy the intimate community of a small town. I also moved there to sit in the silence of that place, empty my cup, and re-decide who I was and just how I wanted to express my life in ways that would give me much more joy, happiness, and peace.  The result of that quiet, reflective time is the life that I have now, living in a beautiful place, enjoying lots of close friends, doing only the things that I love, and knowing that all of life is precious, and that our only function is just to be happy!

I continue to be dedicated to growing personally, professionally, and spiritually, claiming even more of God's Image and Spirit, living in love rather than fear, the fulfillment of my purpose of having lots of fun, and encouraging and enabling others to do the same. 

Some Meaningful Experiences:
In my pursuit of my own professional and spiritual journey, I have had a number of meaningful experiences. I have participated in various workshops, seminars, presentations, and retreats with Stephen Covey, Morton Kelsey, Tom Peters,  Robert Bly, M. Scott Peck,  The Dahli Lama, Matthew Fox, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Cynthia Hirni, Howard Friend, Robert Raines, Margaret Fuhs, Djuna Wendruff, James B. Nelson, Robert Johnson, Richard Foster,  John Sanford, Starhawk,  Thomas Keating, and many others.

I am a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles, and have been greatly influenced by its teachings. I  have also been greatly influenced by the Contemplative Outreach movement initiated by the Trappist Monk, Father Thomas Keating, and regularly participate in 10-day silent retreats in Centering Prayer.

Because of the depth and richness of my spiritual life, I have completely re-created my life so that I truly am living the life of my dreams.