Group Coaching

Group Coaching is a powerful, effective, and efficient way for persons in small groups to realize the benefits of coaching.

Group size is usually limited to no more than 12 individuals who come together in one of two ways:

  1. Affiliated Group: members are in the same or similar positions in life or career
  2. Affinity Groupmembers are in the same field or who have the same interests

The Benefits of Group Coaching Include:

  1. Experience the collective wisdom of the group members.
    Often a group of individuals can generate more and better ideas faster together than one or two people working alone.
  2. Rapid access to multiple perspectives
    In a group of 8-10 people, individual members have immediate access to at least that many perspectives, which can serve them well as they pursue their success
  3. Affordability
    Since Coaches can leverage their time by coaching individuals in groups, the cost for each member is often much less than if they were being coached alone
  4. Resource sharing
    Individuals in a coaching group are usually quite generous in sharing resources with other group members. They begin to see the contribution they are making to each other's successes, and they begin to celebrate them as if they were their own, which, in turn, serves to contribute to their own success 
  5. Accelerated motivation
    Due to the added synergy experienced in a coaching group, as well as the natural accountability among the members to one another, individuals realize an accelerated motivation to make more progress within a shorter time-frame
  6. Mutual support and encouragement
    Individuals within a group often experience increased levels of support and encouragement from their fellow group members, which can help them claim the power to address their challenges and succeed
  7. Mutual learning through observation
    As individual members of a group watch their colleagues being coached, they learn and benefit through such observation
  8. Members learn to work as a team
    One of the added benefits of group coaching is that individuals learn the necessary skills of working together as a team to accomplish their own individual goals. This can easily carry over into the work place as they work with their own company teams
  9. Members learn to turn work into play
    Perhaps the most important benefit of being a part of a coaching group is that as individuals within a group experience the power of group coaching in working together to address their individual needs and concerns, they soon learn that working together can be fun and playful.
    They begin to learn new skills in working together and turning work into play, which can reframe how they approach their career and what they contribute to the world through their life and vocation. It is often a powerful and energizing shift in awareness that can serve them the rest of their lives!