My Spiritual Perspective

All of us want to know we are loved unconditionally. We look for such love everywhere--from our parents, our siblings, our spouses, our friends, and in all our relationships. We even look for it to come to us through our work, our status in life, our material resources, and in the various events of our lives.  And yet, look as we might, we never really seem to find it, all because we've been mistaken as to where it can be found.  We thought and have been  encouraged to think that we could find it outside ourselves, from others, from places, from things, and events. And all too often we have been disappointed, because our search has simply covered up the real source of such love.   

Only a sound spiritual path can help us in our search to uncover the true Source, and point us to the one place that such love can be found, to the Spirit of Love who wells within each of us.

My spiritual perspective is the result of two major spiritual influences:


A Course in Miracles

A Course in Miracles is a teaching device that aims to remove the blocks to the awareness of love's presence in one's life. It emphasizes application rather than theory, and experience rather than theology. It makes a fundamental distinction between the real and the unreal, between knowledge and perception.

Because the Course emphasizes application and experience, it is an effective tool in helping one  make the essential choice necessary to claim the simple Truth of themselves as Eternal Spirits who have chosen to live as God's Love Incarnate. As Love Incarnate, we can each live life from the perspective of such unconditional love, and know and experience on a daily basis all the joy, abundance, wholeness, holiness, and peace that is our birthright. The Course can be summed up with this statement: "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God."

After a lifetime of spiritual searching, I can honestly say that A Course in Miracles has been a major factor in helping me discover a clear, workable spiritual path which enables me to claim the truth of myself and live in  love, joy, abundance, and peace on a daily basis.  


Centering Prayer is a method of contemplative prayer that enables one to develop a discipline of turning loose of the rash of thoughts that go streaming through one's mind so that one can sink into the silence within. From that place of deep silence, one can simply rest in the presence of God where God's Love can heal us at the deepest level of our being. 


When appropriate, I make use of the wisdom that comes through these two spiritual tools to help my clients claim their own spiritual resources that will enable them to make the necessary changes that can ensure the life they want.