Late Bloomers

Some of us tend to be late bloomers. It simply takes us longer to wake up to all the possibilities for living the life we love. And there are several good and logical reasons for that. 

Perhaps we've focused ourselves on some particular part of our lives to the exclusion of all the others, like our education, our careers, our marriage, or raising our children. Perhaps we've tended to live out some expected roles that were handed down to us by parents or even society in general. Perhaps we've tended to focus our energies on helping those around us claim their lives, and had little time or reserves to focus on our own. Or perhaps we grew up thinking it would be selfish of us to take the time, energy, and resources to fully claim and enjoy our own life.

Whatever the reason for the lateness in our own blooming, there often comes a time when we're ready to wake up and become fully alive to all the possibilities that the Spirit has in store for us. If that rings true for you, then you're in for the ride of your life, and all that it takes is a simple willingness to begin!

As a fairly late bloomer myself, I know what you're facing, and I also know how to help you to make it happen. And I can assure you, it's much easier than you think. All you have to do is to believe that it's possible and be willing to be open to all the opportunities available to you. You can wake up to the life you love, and as you claim it you can find yourself feeling more alive than you ever thought possible!

As your Coach, I can 

  • Help you to awake to all the possibilities for your life
  • Stand with you when it starts to feel scary 
  • Support you when you start to feel guilt for being "selfish"
  • Encourage you when you start to think it's impossible
  • Share with you the spiritual truths that will make it a reality
  • Offer the coaching skills that will insure your success

Within three months you can awake to all the possibilities for the life you love.

Within six months you can begin to get clear about the particular pieces that will make your life perfect for you.

Within a year you can be fully alive to the life you love, and be knowing more joy, abundance, and happiness that you ever thought possible!