Life Transitioners

My life has been a series of transitions - some natural and to be expected, and others more dramatic and unexpected. The one constant is that I wish I had had access to an experienced Coach who could have helped me through them. I'm sure that the transitions would been much easier and far less frightening!

As former Executive Director of a life and career development center, I have coached hundreds of individuals to make significant life transitions, as they identify and live the life of their dreams. As your Coach, I can help you do the same!

Those who are either considering or who are in the midst of a life transition, of whatever sort it may be, from career changes, to divorce, to empty nesting, to health concerns, to aging, to spiritual crises, have a unique and exciting opportunity. Although, the transition may feel unsettling and even fearful, it presents an opportunity for you to assess your needs, skills, desires, talents, interests, and strengths, and to choose, and perhaps even create, the life best suited to you. The transition presents you with the opportunity to be at choice regarding your life, and to choose the one that will give you a lifetime of joy, happiness, success, and satisfaction.   

As your Coach I will:

  • Assist you to make an accurate evaluation of your needs, desires, skills, talents, interests, and strengths 
  • Support you as you explore all the various options
  • Help you address whatever fears are interfering with your choices
  • Challenge and encourage you as you decide on the life that best suits you
  • Assist you in locating or creating your life choices
  • Support and encourage you as you make the transition to your new life
  • Celebrate with you as you begin living the life you love!

Within three months, you will have begun to make an accurate assessment of yourself, and can identify and handle the fears that impede your progress 

Within six months, you can be clear on the life you want, and will have begun to locate or create it.

Within a year, you can be enjoying the life of your dreams!