My Coaching Philosophy

I believe that each of us in charge of our own destiny, and have within ourselves all we need to make the choices necessary to achieve our highest potential and reach our loftiest goals. I also believe that we are not left solely to our own knowledge and resources to make those decisions. Rather, there is available to each of us sound personal and spiritual growth principles that can be used to enable us to live the life we love.

However, I also know from my own  experience, and from working with hundreds of others, that we need assistance and support in discovering and making use of all the  resources available to us. As your Coach, it is my  privilege to help you find and make use of all the tools available so that you can discover, claim, and take the actions necessary to insure the personal and professional life you choose.   

 As a Master Certified Coach, I coach from a holistic, personal, and spiritually-centered perspective to help you achieve both professional success and personal happiness. From this perspective, I will coach you to live the life you want, successfully, effortlessly, free of problems and stress, and in joy and peace.