Spiritual Seekers

As one who has spent a lifetime exploring his own spirituality, trying to find what fits and works best for me, I have studied and experienced various spiritual paths and traditions. I've attended hundreds of seminars and workshops conducted by many of the world's leaders in personal and spiritual growth, including Thomas Keating, Deepak Chopra, M. Scott Peck, Wayne Dyer, Matthew Fox, Cynthia Hirni, Starhawk, Robert Bly, Thomas Leonard, and the Dahli Lama. I have two advanced seminary degrees from Southern Methodist University, and I've made use of hundreds of books, tapes, CDs, and videos. And after all my searching, I can finally say with confidence that I have a solid spiritual paradigm that serves my life well. 

As current Founder and Director of The Center for Personal and Spiritual Growth, Inc. in Colorado, a former United Methodist Minister, and a life-long student and practitioner of various forms of spirituality from the major world religions, I have over twenty-five years experience coaching others to integrate a healthy spirituality into their everyday lives. If you are:

  • Seeking a healthy spirituality that fits and really works for you
  • Wanting to live your life with alignment and integrity from that perspective
  • Confused about all the choices   
  • Needing resources and support to help you choose your own path
  • Have a healthy spirituality already and what to further integrate it into all areas of your life so that you can live it with joy and ease
  • Want the success and happiness that a healthy spirituality offers

As your Coach, I can

  • Support you in your search
  • Provide you with resources that can assist you in choosing the path that best suits you
  • Enable you to fully integrate your spirituality into all areas of your life, so that you live it with success and happiness
  • Coach you to live your life fully and with integrity from a healthy spiritual perspective



Students of A Course in Miracles

As a long-time student and teacher of A Course in Miracles, I have witnessed how effective its core principles are to the Coaching process. Students of the Course make advances very quickly and efficiently.

If you are, have been, or want to be a student of A Course in Miracles and want to make use of its principles:

  • to claim your true purpose 
  • to enable you to find the right career path
  •  to learn the art of forgiveness in order to live in peace
  • to find more joy and happiness in your life
  • to shift from scarcity to abundance 
  • to turn loose of fear and live in love
  • to give up dependence and discover your own wholeness
  • to discover the Will of God for your life, which is complete happiness!

Then as your Coach, I can

  • offer you the benefit of years of  my own personal study and  practice of the Course's teachings to help you make use of them too to enrich your life.
  • offer you a visual paradigm that I've developed that makes the spiritual teachings of the Course much  easier to understand and put into practice.
  • provide specific guidance based on my on-going personal study and application of the Course.
  • stand with you and offer support you as you turn loose of old, self-limiting beliefs and  make new choices for yourself.
  • teach you how the core teachings of the Course can be put to use in effectively addressing whatever you may be facing in your life.
  • help you use those teachings to insure that you live in joy, abundance, and peace!   

Within three months, you can clarify your spiritual needs, explore the various paths, and choose the one best for you.

Within six months, you can be integrating your spirituality into all areas of your life.

Within a year, you can know the joy and fulfillment, success and happiness of living your life fully and with integrity from a healthy spiritual perspective.

You Deserve a Coach.